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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

A Logo is the cover of the story, not the story itself.

A Logo is the face of the company, it doesn't have to say what that company does.

There is a universal misconception on creating logos:

Clients think a logo should immediately tell the world what their business is all about.

Designers believe that "shoving" multiple ideas in one logo doesn't work and would actually harm your business.

Let us state the obvious. Logos are not intricate inventions, they are not masterpieces or artwork. They can be aesthetically beautiful, and should be of course, but they are tools with a specified functionality; to be used as visual identification marks.

This doesn't mean that creating logos is an easy job. In fact, the simpler the logo the hardest it is to create it and quite frankly the more it should cost!

Brands (intentionally crafted businesses) should tell their own stories and allow people to know what they are all about and the logo can be used as the intriguing cover of that story; luring people to know more and flip through its pages.

⚫ A Logo is a brand's simplest visual identification mark ⚫

For brands, a logo forms the first impression someone gets of that brand. It is an identification mark used by people to recognize and recall a brand.

For visual identity systems, a logo is a foundation for that identity. Therefore, almost every element in the identity system is inspired by the logo design itself.

Logos are visual tools used for Brand Identification ➜ Brand Recognition ➜ Brand Recall

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