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On strategy & marketing:
. Creative strategy and the business of design, Douglas Davis
. Successful strategy execution, Micheal Syrett
. This is marketing, Seth Godin
. The innovators dilemma, Clayton Christensen.
. Start with why, Simon Sinek
. Value proposition design, Alex OSterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Greg Bernarda, Alan Smith
. Sprint, Jake Knapp
. Building a story brand, Donald Miller

On creativity, design, thinking, success:
. Show your work, Austen Kleon
. Keep going, Austen Kleon
. Steal like an artist, Austen Kleon
. The decision book, Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschappeler
. The graphic idea book, Steven Heller & Gail Anderson
. The compound effect, Darren Hardy
. Never split the difference, Chris Voss
. Work for money, design for love, David Airey
. Burn your portfolio, Michael Janda

On identity design:
. Logo Design Love, David Airey
. Identity designed, David Airey
. Designing brand identity, Alina Wheeler
. Creating a brand identity, Catherine Slade-Brooking
. Branding in five and a half steps, Thames & Hudson

On branding:
. The brand gap, Marty Neumeier
. The brand flip, Marty Neumeier
. Zag, Marty Neumeier
. Bigger than this, Fabian Geyrhalter

. On dynamic Identities:
. Dynamic identities, Irene Van Nes
. Logorama, Wang Shaoqiang (ed.)

On pricing:

. Pricing creativity, Blair Enns.

. The psychology of graphic design pricing, Michael Janda

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